Taboo of Attending Wedding

1: Be sure not to grab the bride’s thunder
Now bride are both wearing Western-style wedding dresses and also wore Chinese wedding dress.In order not to grab the bride’s thunder, do not wear white or very light beige series and red wedding dresses. If the bride asks you to wear, it can matter. Also, do not bare-chested, attracted much attention. No matter how beautiful your are, do not wear more color than the bride.

elegant tulle light blue bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaid and bride

2: wearing casual clothing
Wedding is a new life in the event, dressed up is basic respect for the master.
Male guests of clothing is simple: suit, shirt and tie. But remember to wear black shoes, and black socks, absolutely taboo of colors and styles is same with groom’s. If it is possible for a set of the best, if not change, then you try to keep a low profile.

short strapless green bridesmaid dresses
green bridesmaid dresses

Ms. requirement is more complicated: If you only attend the banquet, then the suits, dresses are all ook, avoid wearing black fishnet stockings to attend the wedding ,it will look not formal enough. If you go to a very formal wedding, you’d better take down the pearl, depart with a black lace, or wear a small, chic suits.

If you have the ball after wedding, or the owner of the invitations noted,you should also dressed in a more solemn dress after the wedding reception. It is said that in Japan, to attend the wedding of the ladies have to wear a kimono, and is designed for a wedding kimono, showing how grand. No matter how grand wear, or to remember: Do not be too bare-chested, attracted much attention. If the groom keep the eye wind gets here, then you will be on the bride thought even about the next life.

beach wedding dresses
beach wedding dresses

3: Avoid to discuss about the bride
Wedding is a public occasion,did you can determine the identity of the guests sitting next to you? Maybe,a fun of your sentence on the bride would fell into the ears of the relatives and friends of bride.One day that would be known by bride.


A series bridal dresses of kisui in 2016

Berlin-based kisui recently released the new wedding collection of 2016.Vintage bohemian perfect interpretation of the freedom of romantic bride image, The French lace carefully selected and satin take a soft and comfortable experience for brides.

1, lace wedding dress of retro bohemian

wedding dress in 2016
wedding dress in 2016

2,lace wedding dress of retro bohemian

3, trailing  wedding dress of retro bohemian


4, V-neck wedding dress of retro bohemian


Classic And Generous Bridesmaid Dress

Simple bridesmaid dress, perfect wedding and indispensable dazzling bride, but it can not have escort bridesmaids. Simple bridesmaid dress can reflect the bride’s taste, but also the biggest embellishment wedding!

Simple bridesmaid dresses, at the wedding party, in addition to beautiful bride, bridesmaids is also a beautiful landscape at the wedding. How to pick the right dress for the bridesmaids? In fact, there is also a lot of stress. First, on the whole, bridesmaid dresses should be consistent with the bridal, and secondly, a simple dress style to the main, do not grab the bride limelight. In addition, combined with the bridesmaids own stature, temperament characteristics, choosing a simple bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids.
1. Simple pleated floor length bridesmaid dresses, embroidered waist decoration, not escape, not simple, appropriate benefits! Perfect Bride with high quality bridesmaid, made wedding to be perfect. Be an elegant bridesmaid, perhaps in your best friend’s wedding, you can also gain a better early into the marriage hall!


2. Simple bridesmaid dress deep v-neck satin dress, elegant dress, smooth curves, foil the perfect body. Bridesmaid dresses can not be gorgeous, but must be generous. Simple design is not inferior, as the bride’s girlfriend, your bridesmaid dress can not be casual, treat your bridesmaids, treat your friend indeed!

3. Simple black satin mermaid bridesmaid dresses strapless with bow, tight design for perfect female body. Confident bridesmaid is good to show the perfect bride. Dark bridesmaid dress with shawl hair, romantic temptations style filling.

white bridesmaid dress

4. Simple strapless short bridesmaid dress, classic black and white, but not outdate, flower decorations, lovely, no trouble long length, allowing you free shuttle in the wedding, such as a forest deer in general, giving people a deep impression.

Feathers will be the new popular trend in the new year

Feathers, its soft texture, white color, elegant gesture, deeply favorted by romantic wedding . Make Its shape into another brilliant color is also very convenient, so feathers are common in the presence of a romantic wedding . Feather’s plasticity is very strong, if you want to create a feather themed wedding, it can appear almost every details of the aspects of the wedding,such as invitation paper , jewelry, wedding Yarn, wedding floral decoration, seats and so on.


Light texture of feather make it very suitable to decorate the bride’s veil, or jewelry, beautiful and elegant. With lace or mesh veil, noble ice.
Feathers also quite common with holding flowers.Flowers in floral, decorative feather combined lace with the handle. In recent years, the non-holding flowers floral are very popular, all kinds of cloth began to act as the main material, feathers is a good match . In addition to pure white, feathers can also streaked or fully dyed into different colors to match all kinds of materials.
popular feather
Feathers decorated in the bride wedding dress, the bride as beautiful fairy-like.Feathers gives wedding gown a gentle light.
Feather elements was added into a wedding cake, bring the feeling of lightness, better not bear to destroy.

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Old bridal gowns shouldn’t appear on brides any more

REVIEW: The wedding itself is exotic, just in time to enter the market earlier, its own share of rare and noble, let brides aspire to it despite its good but because the high prices prohibitive. However, then the lease studio began to appear, such as the wind swept the entire market, the whole industry to become malformed. However, with the changing of ideas and market shaping , now consumers have gradually abandoned wedding rental, we do not accept the feelings of the lease, because the bride should not wear the “old” wedding dress.
Wedding undertake is love and happy, be happy and never built, all the girls want to dress in a white veil wear on wedding day, witness their sweet.200 years ago,since the wedding has been been the world, it bears witness to the sanctity and eternal of marriage .
Such misleading the consumer and to make the wedding dress distortions in China lost its original meaning as it should have, and that the wedding will lease the entire industry to promote a bane, not only let brides suffer, but also to the wedding business in perpetuity. Why were the bride to the wedding with cheap rent suffer but is it?

Trailing lace wedding dress

Most wedding photo studio rental price, low quality poor

In fact many of the studio on the market price is very cheap, so the quality can imagine the wedding. Many couples feel worn once only, rent does not matter, but may have thought little studio will be processed through the wedding, most of them are directly re-hung window after passing through. I once saw in Shamian, are piled in the car just a lot of wedding photography wedding brides wearing neither packed nor any health measure, just a pull, the whole wedding is about to put the Buddha Like debris ripped swaying, deplorable scene. However, the bride wedding photography but still put on, I can not help but sigh now PS superb.
I wonder brides have not thought about how many people keep those leasing wedding perspiration. Originally white wedding dress again and again after the lease, but he has been in disrepair and mixed with a variety of flavors, but also do not mind pretending to wear, ask the bride who wronged themselves so why bother? Wedding photography has always been a happy moment of testimony, marriage should not have with flaws, wedding dress rental, brides Do not lump it in mind?

white floor length chiffon wedding dress

Witness and meaning the tradition wedding 

In addition to witness the wedding outside, also has a tradition of meaning. However, in China, but few people know the meaning of this layer wedding, think it is nothing more than a skirt. In other countries, the new church is completed before the holy wedding, has strong religious overtones. Although most Chinese people removed the cloak of religion, but as the essence of the wedding really should not be trampled upon. Love can not be leased, but not disgraced, this is the true meaning of marriage, the wedding is refracted into empathy. We see many European and American TV series, when the bride to the wedding, will put his mother through that piece of wedding, to represent the hands of the  inheritance, and happy continuation. Visible, wedding is a very important role for marriage is.
But do not confuse that, the title says “old dress” refers to the old lease was repeatedly wedding, rather than the previous generation, who left to the wedding. However, in the current domestic situation, wedding tradition to reach the level, take time. But consistent is not profane the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of the wedding.

What color for bridesmaid dresses on the wedding party?

What color should be wear for bridesmaids? Selection bridesmaid dresses should be main to elegant without publicity, decent and generous . So how to choose the color that people worry.

elegant champagne long bridesmaid dresses

Sexy v neck long champagne bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding

1. Champagne and silver tone

Champagne is very suitable for Asian women’s skin color and temperament; noble silver is able to highlight the elegant wedding, hotel wedding, church wedding is best match with champagne and silver dress. With personalized wedding and wedding theme appears, gray, purple, pale pinkish purple color and other fashionable colors loved by more women.

light yellow short bridesmaid dresses2. Yellow

Bright and eye-catching yellow color is also often choose as bridesmaid dresses color, but relatively speaking, it is more dangerous color, it will be snatched the bride’s thunder accidentally. Elegant light yellow is a good choice, with chiffon or sandy fabric, so the bridesmaid dress exudes a clever and elegant beauty.

elegant strapless long chiffon bridesmaid dresses

3. Blue

Hot summer, many groom will choose the beach or outdoor wedding, in this time, bridesmaid dresses can be choose the light blue bridesmaid dresses, as pure as sea water, beautiful but yet subdued, it is also quite mathc with white dress, it will give us a harmonious beauty , presents the most pure beauty.

elegant tulle light blue bridesmaid dresses

Elegant short tulle light blue bridesmaid dresses with different neckline

4. Light blue

Light blue is a calm and elegant color, with a white dress combined, it will make the bride look more elegant and quiet, blue tone bridesmaid dress is very suitable for spring and summer weddings.

cute pink knee length bridesmaid dresses5. Pink

Each girl has a princess dream in the heart, romantic and sweet pink is very suitable for unmarried women, but it is note to that you can not choose too bright pink color, it must be a little elegant, this will give us low-key beauty, it will not make people feel too blatantly.

short strapless green bridesmaid dresses6. Green

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh and elegant tone is also very suitable as a dress choice. The pale green has more broader use, it is also more suitable for large applications. Green is easy to have light and weight feelings, so bridesmaid dress is also choose a higher degree of exposed skin style, wide straps, strapless or high collar backless will make the green play its ultimate effect, elegant and yet sexy.

8 Asymmetrical Evening Dresses Online For You

The high-low asymmetrical evening dress is becoming widely popular. The radian of dress and the design of high-low can modify the leg line perfectly which can cover up the shortcoming of the not perfect thigh.

If you would like to own chic asymmetrical evening dress, you can have a try to following dress.
1.This halter high low asymmetrical evening dress can display your pretty and cute, sending up of a youth enticing flavor.

2016 crystal layers sash halter asymmetrical formal dresses cheap

2016 crystal layers sash halter asymmetrical formal dresses cheap

2.The color hot pink is popular with younger which highlight people’s vigour. The design of one shoulder display people’s elegance.

hot pink popular asymmetrical chiffon high low one shoulder formal gown with crystals

hot pink popular asymmetrical chiffon high low one shoulder formal gown with crystals

3.The light blue sweetheart asymmetrical evening dress is very elegant which is made of organza and expensive crystals.

light blue asymmetrical sweetheart crystal column australia formal dresses

light blue asymmetrical sweetheart crystal column australia formal dresses

4.This black v-neck asymmetrical evening dress looks very sexy. The enchanting can not be covered up. If you like black, and you want to be sexy and charming, this style will be your best choice.

sexy black asymmetrical sequins chiffon aline sweetheart formal gown

sexy black asymmetrical sequins chiffon a-line sweetheart formal gown

5.If you do not like black, you just like white. Not that mattered though, you can try this white sweetheart tiered asymmetrical evening dress which can irradiate romance.

captivating beading alineprincess asymmetrical chiffon sweetheart evening dress

captivating beading a line princess asymmetrical chiffon sweetheart evening dress

6.The red sweetheart sheath asymmetrical evening dress can make people feel jubilant. At the same time, this style can make people voluptuous. And some stars would prefer to wear this style when they are in the red carpet.

red sheathcolumn asymmetrical sweetheart chiffon crystal ruched stunning formal dresses

red sheath column asymmetrical sweetheart chiffon crystal ruched stunning formal dresses

7.This green sweetheart a symmetrical evening dress is very unique, it is made of tiered organza and gleaming crystals. The design of high low is very original. This is the latest style in this fashion week.

Organza Asymmetrical A-Line Sweetheart Crystals Green Formal Gown

Organza Asymmetrical A-Line Sweetheart Crystals Green Formal Gown

8.The purple asymmetrical spaghetti straps evening dress is the most classic which is made of flowing chiffon and gleaming crystals. When you dress this style, people will focus on your long legs.
Beautiful women would prefer to show off their sexy figure. The asymmetrical evening dress will be their best choice. I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone.

Spaghetti Straps Crystals Asymmetrical Chiffon Purple A-Line Formal Gown

Spaghetti Straps Crystals Asymmetrical Chiffon Purple A-Line Formal Gown

Luxury sexy elegant lace wedding dress

No matter what kind of Bridal dress style was,it is always able to make both elegant woman crazy. For the bride, exquisite luxury lace wedding gowns is definitely preferred this season . Elegant romantic skirt, delicate and exquisite workmanship, setting the new longing for the future and look forward to, to make your wedding a qualitative improvement in the taste. Here show you several small series of elegant lace bridal wedding dress, let you in the wedding, such as princess-like elegant appearance.

1, deep V-neck design with butterfly sleeves, a typical Western European palace wedding design. The perfect bride clavicle show up, and common interpretation of chest full of sexy women’s unique taste. Ornate lace skirt with bright silk surface, so that the whole wedding looks more luxurious, not too much decoration, exaggerated skirt will be able to reveal the bride’s gorgeous and noble. The classic fold design skirt Language, is to let the whole wedding nobility abnormal strong, very beautiful colors.

V-neck Trumpet/Mermaid Sweep/Brush Beading Sequin Train Boho Wedding

2, organza and lace mix very luxury, shoulder Bra-style wedding are often able to give an unexpected surprise. Sexy grasping pattern design with a retro Puff skirt, fashion and vintage blend. Unique cut so that the whole wedding look more beautiful personality, and embellishment in which three-dimensional flowers is to let the bride swaying, like a medieval palace woman like graceful and colorful.

3, the ring shoulder lace design with unique exquisite lace pattern, exposing sexy collarbone, the bride’s white neck supporting a more elegant and moving. Sophisticated look at this more in white surrounded by beautiful and moving. Long tail design showing a rare sense of gorgeous, skirt body with silk surface design, and exquisite handmade lace skirt at the pattern in stark contrast to each other and foil, luxurious flavor.

4,Sexy deep V-neck wedding dresses  with half strapless design, most can show the bride’s sexy and enchanting. Silk belt style embellishment in the chest, the perfect body bride set off more hot, but big bow decorative ribbon inlay on such, in turn touch of elegance romance into one. Long tail bride elegance reveal layers of nested lace skirt is to let the bride swaying, beautiful and moving.

How to select wedding dresses for People of different skin color

Each person is different, color of skin is also different. Everyone has their own suitable color. Similarly, some of the colors you naturally can not control. The same wedding dress, some bride wore is nice, some brides wear does not look good, perhaps the choose of the wedding has out of the question. Not only because of the body’s temperament, as well as the color of skin, be sure to select the wedding dress suitable for your own.Now, I put a person’s skin color divided into five categories to select wedding dresses.

1.white skin
Fair-skinned bride got almost all the wedding dress can control the color, the more popular the bride can choose pink or pink wedding, it has a unique fashion sense.

2. Standard Oriental female skin
Asians mostly skin deep yellow, wearing a white wedding dress will be significantly more dull complexion, and wearing ivory wedding dress is more harmonious nature. Instead, pink, pink orange, light green and yellow side match, wearing a pure white wedding dress will look great. Especially pure white wedding dress, with the groom’s tuxedo, the bride to highlight to the public the different glory.

 Lace Wedding Dresses With Button

3. flush significantly
This bride belong skin partial white of the bride, as in this case, the bride gives the impression that the feeling is a little pale, so when choosing wedding, should avoid white, and the choice of the white or pure white will be better.

4. moderate complexion
Color moderate, wheat or bronze skin color of the bride, the best choice of wedding champagne beige or white.

v-neck tulle lace applique wedding_dress

5. The color is dim
Moderate dim complexion of the bride, the feeling is not very good color, luster is not strong. Partial black hair, the whole complexion are deep cold colors. Such brides choose wedding dress should be clean pure white, or glossy relatively strong silver make the bride exudes a unique charm.

In summary, each different color of the bride do not worry, do not tangle their color not white,There is always a wedding is right for you.