Three style of mermaid wedding gowns

Fishtail wedding dresses  is harsh for the bride’s body.But femininity and soft typical posture can be presented after put on it.A lot of famous stars loves it.And it is very ssuitable for relatively tall stature or shapely slender petite bride. Graceful curve, romantic lace small tail and elegant posture are amazing!

Lace Bra  with 8 Fish bone

Bra bridal gowns is always popular classic style. Sexy  plus romantic chest sequins beaded lace embellishment make the gowns a little more beautiful and romantic.Eight three-dimensional plastic fish bones. 3 in chest,5 in the back, make the bride more comfortable wearing it.

mermaid bridal gowns

Bra bridal gowns of mermaid wedding dresses :

Mermaid style with adjustable straps 

Design of back hand strap is convenient for bride to adjust according to their body.So it more flexible and aesthetic wearing it. Slim fishtail wedding wears ( )suit for shapely bride.

Waist embroidery, waist can be a very good modification, focusing visual focus, for petite bride, can increase the sense of slender body drop!

lace fahtail

Court Train Sheath Ivory Sweetheart Lace Wedding Dresses With Beaded

Back Hand strap design, convenient adjustable elastic girl who according to their body, wearing more flexible but also more aesthetic.Slim fishtail version type, suitable shapely bride Jiao good, very significant high thin drops.

Lace tailing

Dreamy romantic lace and 60CM tail is very elegant and at the same time ,it is convenient for brides to walk.Wearing it you can join in lawn garden wedding, outdoor wedding, or  wedding photography by the seaside, are very beautiful occasion drops.

mermaid with long trailing

long trailing bridal gown


Zuhair Murad

November 22 ,Sofia Vergara wore a Zuhair Murad exclusive design wedding dress entered the wedding hall .Almost all the spectators are amazing zbout it. Moreover, recently,the brightest actresses also have lost to Zuhair Murad on several games attached the red carpet.There is no women would refuse to marry a man who holding Zuhair Murad wedding dresses propose for you ?d35e397a1e755e1cc31

Sofia Vergara wearing Zuhair Murad on wedding

How charming Zuhair Murad it is? Sofia Vergara announced the engagement in the Christmas Day last year.And this year,she is embarked on a marriage.On the wedding day, 40+ Sofia Vergara wearing this Bra wedding dress,make the groom more happy.


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s wedding

This wedding dress inlaid with many crystals as a decorative .The delicate embroidery and white wedding seem like totally natural, like a white swan wings. This wedding dress is designed by Zuhair Murad specially .


Zuhair Murad Fall 2015 high set models show finale
Of course,Zuhair Murad can not stop at the wedding gowns. In the muscic festival of United States this year,hot Jennifer Lopez served as moderator.She wear a dozen sets of dress, including three from Zuhair Murad.


Red perspective from Zuhair Murad design
This perspective red evening dress is considered more conservative style of Jennifer Lopez.


In the autumn show of Zuhair Murad, one of the brand’s main color is red,several lace outline ,crystal mosaic style are very charming.

Black series of formal dresses gives us a mysterious qualities.Wearing a crown of models makes them look more high cold than wearing red line and blue line .

Top four vintage style bridesmaid wears

​The ​white bridesmaid gowns design is very chic, collar and back with tulle to create a kind of looming temptation .And the waist design is very decent.The cut of skirt waves adds a sweet element. So,the whole range of the dresses is elegant and princess.

Silver itself is a little retro feel. Collocating with silver feather flower hair accessories and wedding shoes with silver butterfly,make the whole ​sliver bridesmaid wears showed a noble retro range. Collar and skirt decorated with black and white little consistent, adding cute elements, halter design has added a sexy allure.

This white V-bridesmaid dresses, the overall design is very simple, but not lack of elegant taste. With a lace hat, American retro feel full. If outdoors, with a same color jacket, it is also a good choice, oh. Such a bridesmaid dress that will not grab the bride limelight but also full of personal charm.

white v  bridesmaid dresses

This is a 60’s inspired chrysanthemum doll style long-sleeved bridesmaid dress with a square neckline, back with bow, extraordinarily witty. With a lace headdress wreath, it is fresh and sweet, elegant and refined, like a mortal wizard.


Top five standard to select the groomsmen and bridesmaid

1. The height of the standard
The best height of groomsman and bridesmaids is similar to the height of married couples. Otherwise ,they will fight eye when standing on the stage with married couples

2. The standard of the body shape
Best man bridesmaid’s body do not differ greatly with the new body. Oversized or ultra-small, will attract the attention of visitors, especially super-fat one,standing on stage for 40 – 50 minutes continuously would make them sweat.And that will cause guests laughter, so the atmosphere of the wedding would be interfered.

bridesmaid dresses.jpg

3. The dress standards
The color of the bridesmaid gowns( )  and groomsmen’s suit should be not too bright, too loud .The general principle is to highlight the dress of new couples.

View the tips of collocation bridesmaid dresses.

4,the standard of behavior
From the selection og the groomsmen and bridesmaid, it should be the best friend of married couples.Their manners could reflect the cultural qualities of married couples. Therefore,you should pay attention to the behaver of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Because many things need to do by them in the wedding day , their politics matter, speaking manner could reflect the grade of married couples.

blue suit of groom

5. There is no standard of pretty
Some couples, especially brides are often afraid to be overshadowed by , bridesmaids . it’s a bit redundant. We can think in another way, if the bridesmaids are very beautiful,then the the guests would remember your weddings, especially men would be more involved in center involuntarily into your wedding.Their active participation will make your wedding more fun.And that make you the center of the wedding .However, I guess at the end of the wedding ceremony, your phone bill will increase, but it may make your social circle broader.

DIY Easy Autumn Garland for the Picture-Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and though the food preparation can wait until next week, it’s definitely not too early to start planning your beautiful table! And Jess has the perfect DIY to ensure your table is as much of a hit as the turkey. The best part of this autumn garland is that your materials are mostly greens, which are heartier than flowers—you can make it a few days out from your event without worry, and afterwards it will dry out nicely. Get the DIY below!


3 bunches base greenery, we used Olive branches, you can also use things like magnolia leaves, oak leaves, ruscus, or seeded eucalyptus
A variety of autumn greens, we used 1-3 bunches each of Broomcorn Autumn Greens, Bronze Upright Amaranthus, Red Upright Amaranthus, and Ruby Silk Love Grass, you can use anything with great fall colors and texture (even if it’s just trimmed from your backyard!)
Fresh fruit, such as deep red apples, pomegranates, pears, plums or cranberries,Floral wire,Wire cutters,Scissors,Plant clippers (optional).

Separate out your olive branches. Ones that have a pretty natural shape can be used as is, and ones where the stems and branches get haywire can be clipped into smaller, more elegant pieces.


Start by overlapping two olive branches. Wrap the stems together with a bit of floral wire where they overlap. Don’t worry if you can see the wire for now- we’ll cover it up later! Add another branch in this manner, and keep going until you’ve done a length about half the table.


Go back to the first olive branch, and wire on another branch- only this time facing the opposite direction. Continue adding branches in this direction until this side is equal with the first. This way we’ll make our garland look as though it starts in the center, spreading out both directions.


Now we can start adding some color into this garland by wiring on small clusters of various autumn greens. I started with the grass and the broomcorn because the were the most subtle, and just tucked small clusters every so often in between some olive branches and use floral wire to secure in place.


Next I added the more high contrast greens, the bronze and red amaranthus. I started with the bronze on the outer edges of the garland, then added more and more red towards the center, to give a slightly ombré effect.


Check over your garland- if there are spots that obviously show wire, tuck something on top so the wire is hidden. If there are spots with too many colored greens, pop in a stray olive branch to break it up. The nice thing about a table garland is that it really isn’t going anywhere- so don’t go nuts trying to make everything secure! These last little adjustments I usually just place unwired.


Finally, add the finishing touch with some rich, harvest-toned fruit. I just placed a few here and there along the garland, keeping red tones towards the center and bronze towards the edges. If you are adding candles to your centerpiece, you can tuck them in and out of the nooks of the garland to give a more organic look.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living | Greenery: Fifty Flowers


more:bling bling slightly longer come

second hand wedding dresses should not appear in the bride any more


Proposal of collocating wedding gloves

The glove hand is an essential accessory among the bridal suite.

1, From the color perspective: In general, you should choose a good wedding gowns from women’s online fashion store or other ways , and then pick the gloves whose color is closer to the wedding dress . At the wedding, the bride like to wear plain white or off-white wedding dress, so the choice of gloves’ color, should be similar or the same as this match. In the bridal salon, you can also ask the owner if equipped with gloves.

backless white wedding gown

white chiffon and lace bakeless wedding gowns

2, From the fabric of view: Ingredients for the wedding dresses fabric are lace or satin. So for the two kinds of fabric, with gloves should be satin or lace . In order to keep the overall look is too simple, gloves can be modified, but not too fancy, often overwhelming will play a bad effect. But if the dress style and design is very luxurious, gloves can not fall on the cliche.


maternity wedding dresses of Dressforau

3,From the seasonal point of view: In the hot summer, gloves for us is useless. But at the wedding, for decoration, also can be the lingua franca of gloves. So, here there are fingerless gloves and finger gloves have divided up. In the summer, you can choose fingerless gloves,which could avoid hot; if in autumn and winter, allowing cold hands hidden in the glove brief heating, and a diamond ring to wear on the glove fingers wrapped up.

gloves of wedding

gloves without finger

Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses by J.Crew

Love doesn’t even come close to expressing how much we adore J.Crew. Their gorgeous gowns and adorable bridesmaid dresses have graced the pages of SMP countless times. But today we’re very proud to announce that J.Crew has officially become more than one of our obsessions, they’re the newest members of our Fashion Look Book. Not only can round up your (hopefully) daily dose of inspiration, you can do a little window shopping while you’re at it. PLUS you can easily use all the J.Crew dresses in our Look Book in your Inspiration boards. I’m actually kind of in the mood to design an entire day around this playful little look…

bridesmaid-dresses of different color and different style
bridesmaid-dresses of different color and different style

And now for a sneak peek at some of the beyond-lovely wedding gowns…

satin wedding-gowns
satin wedding-gowns
different bridesmaid dresses
different bridesmaid dresses

True J.Crew, the entire collection is beautifully tailored, perfectly styled, and totally chic. And no matter your style, simple and elegant or sweet and playful, there is without question a killer dress that is calling your name. If you’re still not 100% sure, J.Crew even has wedding specialists on hand to help you with everything from your wedding gown to fun new outfits for your honeymoon (did someone say swimsuit??) as well as dresses for your maids and gear for the groomsmen.

Our love-affair with everything J.Crew continues and you can see even more of the fashion-fabulous looks right here.


What Kind Of Bridesmaid Dresses Is Perfect?

Purple Wedding by Natalie Thomson Photography

Good morning SMP-er’s, we have another gorgeous day lined up for you. We’re kicking off our Sunday morning with this playful woodsy wedding. Sent to us by Natalie Thomas this lovely backyard affair was filled with fresh hydrangeas, colorful paper cranes, and a whole lot of personality… and you know we love it when a bride finds her inspiration from SMP. You can see every last detail right here in the gallery.

wedding  with purple element
wedding with purple element

From Natalie…

Emilia is a huge “Style Me Pretty” fan and was really inspired by the post she check each day! I actually knew her from high school when we were paired up together for a school assignment, and was honored that she selected me as her photographer 10 years later. From the day we met up over a year before the wedding date she had everything very neatly organized in a binder with color swatches, photos and blog posts. Purple and hydrangeas were the inspiration for the day and the detail were set around that theme.

different colors of purple bridesmaid dresses
different colors of purple bridesmaid dresses

Emilia enlisted the help of her amazing family and put special DIY touches in creating all the details that came together in such a strong way. The wedding was held at her grandparent’s house as the house and its surrounding had meant so much to her and she had fond memories of spending her childhood there. The ceremony took place in an open area off from the long tree-lined driveway and was decorated with hanging parasols. The twin flower girl’s skirts were made from an old prom dress from the maid of honor, and the groom’s nephew was wheeled down the aisle in a personalized radio flyer wagon.

Emilia and Nicholas had an amazing spread of cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. The cupcakes were featured on multiple glass and chandelier platters with purple tulle behind. The favors were personalized tote bag featuring a print of a hydrangea along with a quote from Ghandi, which was also on their wedding programs.

7 Dos and Don’ts For an Adults-Only Wedding

Simply put, your wedding guest list is ultimately up to you. If you want a child-free celebration, do it. That said, there are a few sticky scenarios that tend to come up when kids aren’t welcome at the wedding. Our advice? Tread lightly and follow these tips.

Adults-Only Wedding Invitation Wording
Do Properly Address the Invitation

To make it clear from the start that your wedding is adults only, address your invitations to exactly who is invited—or some guests with children might assume their whole family is invited. You can also go the extra mile and write in their exact names on the response card (just like you addressed them on the outer envelope), and then all they’ll have to do is check “will attend” or “will not attend.” That way, it will be clear that “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith” are the guests invited.

Don’t Print “Adults Only” on the Invitation

Even if you want to go one step further to specify that your wedding is adults only by writing it on the invitation, that’s an easy way to hurt feelings. Having a child-free wedding can be a very sensitive issue to some—especially with family members and close friends with multiple children. For a more tactful approach, have family members, wedding party members and friends spread the word to other guests so they have lots of time to secure a babysitter.


Do Feel Free to Put a Note on Your Wedding Website

Your wedding website is a place to put catchall information about your wedding, like your registries, transportation options, dress code and other pertinent items. This is an appropriate place to also mention that your wedding ceremony and reception are adults only and provide any babysitting options in the area.

Children in the Wedding Party
Do Have a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer (If You Want!)

It’s fine to have as many flower girls, ring bearers, junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen as you want—they’re part of the wedding party, after all. But if you don’t want them at the reception and just at the ceremony, remember they’re kids and they’ll feel like they’re missing out. In that case, it’s good to come up with a plan or treat for them instead, like throwing them a small pizza party and hiring a babysitter and a magician or face painter to entertain them.

Don’t Make It an “Adults-Mostly” Reception

And while you can have children in your wedding party and still have an adults-only reception, you have to be mindful not to bend the rules for other people with children. If you let some guests bring their families and not others, it might look like you hand-selected which children were and weren’t invited—and that could lead to a pretty uncomfortable situation. Inviting children just to the ceremony isn’t a good solution either, since they might see other kids going to the party when they have to go home or to a babysitter.

Dealing With Hurt Feelings
Do Call Any Guests Who Assume Their Children Are Invited

This is the hard part. If you do hear from family members who are questioning why your younger cousins, nieces and nephews aren’t allowed to come, that’s normal. To clear up the sensitive issue, call them and explain that you can’t invite everyone you’d like due to “budget constraints.” Even if it’s not true, it’s always the best excuse to ward off any further questions or protests.

different colors of purple bridesmaid dresses
different colors of purple bridesmaid dresses

Don’t Back Down

It might be an uncomfortable chat, but don’t back down. You and your partner get to decide who’s invited to the wedding, period. It’s completely fair to want an adults-only wedding. But if you have a truly angry guest on your hands, it’s a kind gesture to look into hiring a babysitter to watch a few children during the evening at the hotel. They can have a party of their own with kid-friendly food and fun activities.And if you want to prepare dresses can be used in wedding ,such as ,wedding dresses,wedding guest dresses ,bridesmaid dresses,and so on.May be you should be going to select them a month ago before wedding day.And to statistics their size.


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