Wedding Dresses With Unique Shoulder

Every bride wants to wear the most beautiful wedding dress on their wedding day, to be the world’s most beautiful woman.Here are some wedding gowns with unique shoulder.

This is a particularly simple wedding gown , in addition to the design of a small tail.The weding dresses looks bland. Although the style is simple, but the design of the shoulder with three-dimensional flowers is unique and nice enough. It is precisely because shawl uses a three-dimensional shape, so the wedding dress should be more simple and elegant.Otherwise it will not be focused,and without hierarchy of beauty.

wedding with unique design shoulder1simple wedding gown with different shoulder

If you’re still a little girl, and a young girls heart, try such a wedding dress now! Simple and elegant design of the shoulder, coupled with two bows, is not only lovely, but also gentle.It would be certain beautiful wearing jewelry!

wedding with unique design shoulder2column wedding dress with unique shoulder

If you are a more introverted girl, try this now! Things gentle, beautiful, nice, like a little princess fled, and as beautiful as the myth of the goddess holiness.

wedding with unique design shoulder3ball gown wedding dress with bow shoulder


Popular Bold Wedding Dresses Colors

Black as the timeless fashion color, has a lot of meaning: it represent noble, dignified, stable, serious, also represent elegant, quiet, mysterious, unique.It may also represent sad, silent, quiet and depressed. Although in the Western-style wedding, the bride’s wedding dress should be the traditional white.But with Vera Wang’s black wedding dresses series stunning debut in the fall of 2012, more and more girls want a bold attempt of black bridal dress.

Shenae Grimes wearing a black wedding dress

Shenae Grimes wearing a black wedding dress in her wedding

The actress of the US drama “90201” ,star and model Shenae Grimes,marry to the  musician Josh Beech in London.She described herself like a “punk rock princess ” wearing a black wedding dress of Vera Wang.

Avril's second wedding in a black bridal dress

Avril’s second wedding in a black bridal dress

Two months later, rock witch child Avril created a striking gothic themed wedding for his second marriage. In France,Avril dressed in a black Monique Lhuillier strapless wedding dress, she tied the knot with Nickleback lead singer Chad Kroeger.

Thick black bridal gown turned into a mysterious ,sexy, beautiful and eye-catching wedding dress in the hands of the designer.Make the bride who wearing a black wedding gown sweet in the happiness and love .

Black wedding wears can corrected your body to make the bride look more slender tall.The problem is that you dare to wear it?

Four charming and fantasy wedding gowns

Variety of wedding dresses brings a rich romantic atmosphere.People can not help to imagine the wonderful feeling brought by fantasize wedding dresses .

Strapless wedding dresses
Unique sexy sling-like design, firmly locked people’s attention. Sweetheart chest design could highlight the sexy curves of bride chest.Lace embroidery on the wedding skirt and chest create a romantic image of the tenderness of the bride.

elegantwedding dress

Sweet and elegant wedding dress
Just image a sweet, pleasant girl sitting on high stools wearing this style wedding gown, layers of white gauze quietly swing on both sides, revealing slender legs,how elegant and lively she is.

mermaid wedding gown

Slim fishtail wedding dresses
Slim trumpet wedding dresses sketched out the bride sexy body curve. Halter design highlights the bride slender back line, firmly locked people’s attention.The sequin embellishment of chest and back worth be paid attention .

satin wedding dress of mermaid style

Satin wedding dresses of mermaid style
Unique sexy sling-like design, firmly locked people’s attention. Sweetheart chest design could highlight the sexy curves of bride chest.Lace embroidery on the wedding skirt and chest create a romantic image of the tenderness of the bride.


Suitable wedding gowns for different wedding venue

Seen so many stars get married, an insight of so many big wedding dresses brands, we just lost our sight in the wedding brands! Every dresses are so nice that we are can’t decide which one to choose.However ,we have to choose our bridal dresses according our wedding venue.

Church wedding

Church is too holy, a big trailing wedding gown would be the best choice.Sacred long tulle wedding dress make the wedding more ritual, and match well with the church seamlessly. If you are a fan of long trailing wedding gowns,then a church wedding is your best choice! But do not forget that ,in addition to a large tail,one graceful vintage fishtail wedding dress is also a good choice .

long trailing bridal wears

mermaid bridal wears

Lawn wedding

Outdoor lawn wedding has a lot of demand of the wedding dress.A floor length wedding gown and a tea length wedding dress are all very suitable and nice.Remember not to wear a long trailing wedding dress, otherwise it would be demanged by scratched twigs,or fall down when you turning.

backless wedding wear

champagne bridal gown

Beach wedding

Light and elegant beach wedding dress is the best choice.In a word,a wedding dress which is thin, light, transparent would not be wrong to holding a beach wedding. Besides,a bare feet are pretty enough!

v-neck wedding gown of tulle

bohemian bridal dress

Ballroom Wedding

Ballroom is regarded as the most wild wedding venues.Because ,every style wedding gowns could be chosen. You can enjoy the “do big” wedding dress, as long as it is a little small than the channel width of the line admission. In short, princess wedding dress sense is the appropriate one in this case  ~ Of course, banquet hall arrangement can be used as your wedding style reference.

ball gown wedding dress

Dressforau Vintage Wedding

Each girl has a princess dream, hoping to be a elegance princess on the wedding day. And Dressforau release some new vintage wedding dresses 2016.And this wedding dresses coul achieve such wish of girls. Gorgeous and elegant wedding dress followed the wedding dresses in the 1920s.

In the 1920s, lace and big skirt  is a symbol of wedding gowns.And this vintage wedding gowns similarly applied these two elements, embellished with lace and exaggerated grand big skirt, the bridal noble impunity and elegant were shown completely.Besides,the Waist bow is so elegant and adds a touch of rare elegance and playful to the bride.

ball gown

In addition to ball gown wedding dresses, fishtail wedding wears are also a vintage features. Drag veil shows the bridal charming and elegant emerge.With tight design and this tail, the bride’s body set off the same good more perfect. The deep V-neck design will perfectly shows bride’s figure. With the same elegant lace headdress, noble ladies temperament will use this in the end.


Elegant silk wedding dress is the best shown of temperament.Unique deep V neck design and skirt,and chiffon lace skirt flower embellish the grace and elegance , more dazzling.

deep v neck

Unique halter bridal dress,add a touch of sexy to the noble and elegant so the bride.Tulle trailing, decorated with lace flowers, walking slowly with the bride and swaying, as fantastic beautiful. Tight design with unique exquisite tailoring will reveal this more thoroughly, bring out the bride’s noble and elegant.


How to collocate an evening dress

In general, a dress can only appear in a big scenes. If the conditions are too harsh, do not wear the same dresses in the adjacent two meetings at lest. If economic conditions allow you to choose an expensive evening dress, then choose a evening dress between the suits and dress.These are the occasions dresses could be worn to the office.Then, as long as to match superior quality shoes, bags, hat and big scarf, it can become a evening dreses to dinner and concert.

Sleeveless dress with slits
People without ideal legs and chest can choose a long evening dress.But you have to pay attention to choose a high collar and sleeveless style. Otherwise,it will appear too daily. In addition,try to choose a high-grade fashion fabric, such as animal stripe fabric, floodlight silk fabrics, in order to add gorgeous appearance. In addition, we should note that the above simple evening dress can’t be wear any more ,once it is not new enough. The finer the dress strap is ,the more fashion it is.


Chinese clothing + upright slits skirt
It is classical enough to collocate chinese clothing with collunm evening dress.Chinese clothing made of fabric with th main color ,red or bright blue,is more general with the magnificent background.Only mature women could control such styles and colors.

Suspenders silk short evening dress

It could maximize the performance of a man’s fresh, pure and vitality.It is most suitable for the 20-year-old young girl to wear.As for the women around 40 years of fitness training erudite “sunshine lady”, it will be very content to try and charming. To minimize the style of this dresses.As for the colors and fabric, it depends on your taste.

long dress

Sling shorts + silk trousers
Generally,more than 90 percent of the women dress appear as dresses,therefore, the personality of pants apears.And it better for you tochoose a low-cut style, halter style,black, green, gold and silver fabric.And ,you can choose a color same with the Sling.Because it easer to banlance it.Also ,a stilettos is necessary.

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Invited to a wedding and not sure what to wear? We’ve got you covered with a few fashion dos and don’ts when it comes to shopping for your friend or family member’s day.

The most important thing to remember is you want to look cool and stylish, but you don’t want to distract from the bride or draw attention for the wrong reasons. That’s why we recommend you use the wording on the invitation or the time of year to determine your wedding attire. But first, let us tell you the ground rules for dressing for a wedding. Rule number one: Don’t ever, ever wear white to a wedding. You should also avoid wearing white to prewedding festivities, like the engagement party, shower or rehearsal dinner. The only exception to this rule is if there’s an all-white dress code for one of the celebrations. Rule number two: Always be respectful to religious affiliations. If you know the wedding is going to be held in a Catholic church, it might not be a bad idea to cover bare arms with a sweater and avoid showing too much leg or cleavage. Rule number three: You can wear black to a wedding—it’s not off-limits. It used to be taboo to wear black to weddings, but now a little black dress is totally appropriate for an evening affair. Rule number four: It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. If an invite says “black tie optional,” err on the side of caution and wear a long dress or dark suit or tux. Like your mom always said, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wedding-Dresses of spring
Springtime affairs are beautiful with all of the fresh blooms and green grass, but dressing for a spring wedding can be a challenge. Be wary of outdoor weddings when spring rain showers can cause wet grass and mud that your heels will undoubtedly sink into. We suggest shopping for outfits you know can survive an indoor or outdoor wedding, and plan ahead. Think of any problems that could arise. For instance, avoid long dresses that could drag in potential mud, always keep a pair of closed-toed flats on hands for unexpected outdoor cocktail hours and bring an umbrella for impromptu rain showers. And don’t forget that along with the rising temperatures comes a rising humidity that can wreak havoc on your perfectly coiffed tresses. Keeping a mini bottle of hair spray and bobby pins in your bag will not only make you the most popular girl in the bathroom line but will keep your hair looking on point. For men, spring is the perfect time to subtly experiment with color—not too hot for dark hues and not too cold for pastels and neons. Layer brightly colored shirts under lightweight suit jackets and accessories with slim ties or bold patterned socks. There are so many subtle ways for men to add color to their looks, so there’s no excuse for a straight black-and-white ensemble.

No matter what the dress code on the invitation, there are a few things you should never wear to a wedding. We’ve already covered the obvious ground rules (no white, duh!), but there are some other pieces in your closet you should probably stay away from unless specified in your invite.

Sneakers: Keep your tennis shoes on the court and wear a pretty pair of flats if comfort is your first priority. Sneakers send a very casual message, and even if your wedding invite says “casual dress” it doesn’t mean you can look like you just came from the gym.

Shorts: If your invitation states that rompers and cute shorts are acceptable, make sure you give your length a check. If your fingertips extend past the hemline on your shorts, they are too short for a wedding. And keep in mind: Cutoffs are always a no-no.

Short-sleeve shirts: Big caveat for this one: If you’re planning on wearing a short-sleeve button-down, make sure the wedding is super-casual and you’re dressing it up with a bow tie or a suit jacket with a pocket square.

Flip-flops: Rubber footwear is never okay for a special event like a wedding ceremony. That being said, no one would blame you if after a few hours of dancing in heels, you want to swap them out for something more comfortable.

Distressed clothing: Clothing with holes, rips, tears or bleach stains is off-limits for a wedding. Even if it’s a designer gown with an intentional tear down the side, it’s not an appropriate sartorial choice for a wedding guest.


Some good ways to attend a spring wedding for bride

Recovery of all things spring, grass, birds fly, is a good time for weddings. This time, the temperature began to rise, spring and King Ming, so outdoor wedding began to gradually replace the winter indoor wedding. However, due to weather conditions in the spring of multiple contingencies, you must also be prepared to deal with wedding foolproof measures, do not let the unexpected weather conditions destroy the wedding.
Obstacle 1: rain
Program: A good rental company can become your best friend. Want to hold outdoor weddings, first find a leasing company to discuss the rain policy and call for rain tent needed. If guests come from another building, then you need to rent a different building block tent or canopy instead corridor. In addition, the rain also need to consider is your hair, consider wearing a wig hairstyle to avoid the occurrence of the problem situation.
spring wedding dress
spring wedding dresses
Obstacle2: soil
Program: first-aid kit in your wedding must be equipped with instant detergent. If the wedding becomes muddy, even when cleaning until done (with a hair dryer can speed up the process), was the same will affect the overall image. Better to use instant detergent, clothes rub local fabrics when applied directly contaminated dirt, you can quickly restore clean. At the same time, we must protect the white wedding shoes, stained soil may undermine its beautiful appearance, in the outdoor when available instead of plastic rubber boots wedding shoes, to the time during the ceremony can be replaced.
wedding shoes of blue
Obstacle 3: Cold night
Program: to participate in the wedding guests remember to send a message in advance to remind them of temperature, wear appropriate clothing, especially those friends who came from overseas.
Another tip is kind of shawl. Temperature changes due to the presence of areas, so it is necessary to wear a shawl, especially at night.
spring wedding gowns of satin
one shoulder wedding dresses  for spring wedding with lace and satin
Obstacle 4: pollen allergies or other accident
Program: This is a good advance to consult your planner and floral division, ask what is best to use outdoor wedding flowers (not those flowers attract bees). On the one hand there is the problem of makeup and styling, all stakeholders need to ensure that all OK. If you have pollen allergies staff, I remember ready ahead of trousers, and ready to drugs prevention.
Special thanks: Laura Bianco and Kara Thorson

Garde sexy bridal dress

The use of sexy to describe this season’s wedding dresses of Inbal Dror has been far from enough.Inbal Dror,a wedding dresses brand has been as a winner accroding classical temperament, this season turned to a big reversal. Abandon the classical past, opening a new subversive wedding presents, some bright spots. Perspective without “vulgar” make us memorable. Designers even use of black and sequins boldly.

wedding dress of perspective

sexy wedding dress of perspective

Let us first look at Inbal Dror. Inbal Dror is a graduater from The Shenkar Fashion Art Academy of wedding & evening dress in Israel .

sexy wedding dress of perspective

sexy wedding dress of perspective

Inbal Dror is good at using retro smooth contoured with lace, pearls, Swarovski crystal as decoration to create a classic wedding palace.

However, obviously, this season ,Inbal Dror wedding garment completely subvert the previous settings. Full of ultimate temptation halter, perspective,these irrelevant elements of bride were all higher slits appeared in the garments of this season’s wedding dresses.Of course, the exposure wedding dresses are practical not Useful enough.

wedding dresses of Inbal Dror

The wedding gowns is still using lace, tulle and other elements, but apparently not full of perspective as the front.
Look this season’s garments, in fact, designers still kept her most good classical retro. Drape shoulder pads, full Puff Palace Tingfan children, fine diamond crochet ……

bridal gowns with tulle an flace of v-neck

In addition to the integration of the perspective style, there are two relatively little tightly wrapped white wedding dress. These two sets are building a sense of design, is different from the most abundant and most of the wedding design wedding general of the entire show.

tight wedding wears

Continuate the vintage style of wedding gowns of Inbal Dror, combining a sense of perspective ahead of this season’s flagship.Two distinctive design mingled to create a set of sets of vulgarity “art.”

vintage lace wedding dresses of mermaid

And classical champagne bridal gowns is more beautiful than the white, longer legs unscrupulous walk on stage, definitely become the heart style of brides.

champagne bridal dressses with split in leg

Romantic Lace of Wedding

I believe every girl to have a special feeling of lace, it shows impressive sweet romance. Lace wedding dress is not only can be used as the material ,also be used as decorative wedding details furnished.Bride who love lace might try to create an elegant lace wedding theme, shining fine details in romance in your wedding.

1,Elegant lace wedding dress

How can not got lace wedding dresses decorate a romantic lace wedding ? Delicate lace wedding dress is both fashion and romantic, gives warm feeling of modesty to us, let the bride looked incomparably romantic elegance. A white wedding dress with long lace embellishment, will immediately glow charming glory, so that the bride became the heroine of the most beautiful wedding.


2. Sexy lace underwear

Ivory lace underwear make the bride’s holy plus! Lace underwear from the function can be divided into practical classes and delicate decorative .And the underwear texture may be consistent with the wedding gowns, such as satin suit with a thin section should collocate with Seamless style satin wedding dress or drape Greece; Underwear with delicate white lace corset,can be a combination of low-cut deep V wedding on the cup.

3, High-heeled shoes with lace elements

Lace, whether as wedding dress decoration or bridal veil, filling its extreme elegance, no wonder many royal weddings have a soft spot for lace elements. Lace wedding shoes also has this elegant, noble temperament . With lace wedding dress, complement with each other.

4, Delicate lace bouquet

In addition to be able to use lace wedding dress decorations, and even the bridal holding flowers also can do! Such as this delicate cute holding flowers is swept with a smooth satin into beautiful flowers blossoming.And it is supplemented by white lace embellishment, see it is more full of romance. The bride holding a bouquet of such holding flowers will be more sweet feeling of happiness at the wedding show of them.

5,Romantic lace cake

Lace has a romantic and charming colors, has been giving a sweet, graceful, feminine feel. If the wedding cake decorated with some romantic lace element,it will be more warm.

6,Beautiful lace desk accessories

Since you want to create a romantic lace wedding, of course,it should be covered with lace wedding figure in every corner of the site! The dream and lovely delicate lace decorate on beautiful wedding table, not only enriched the tables of color and beauty, but also can make the whole wedding scene is filled with the sweet taste of happiness. So how can it not cause for a wedding unforgettable too!