Summer Wedding Theme for You

House Wedding

Now, wedding is a diagram of a sense, a map, a good environment.If you want to have a good environment and atmosphere of aristocratic,it is better for you to hold a house wedding.Moreover,the manor wedding theme can be extended in the form of European-made. Melodious violin accompaniment, under the auspices of the master of ceremonies of the new admission slowly, do not have a romantic scene.

house wedding

house wedding with bride wearing a backless wedding gown

Beach wedding
Remember the days of the star’s wedding,with a fine sandy beach in the Philippines, accompanied by that kind of beauty, without too much scenery, generally simple seaside scenery as well, highlighting the natural scenery, the ceremony is simple as well, because in accordance with the weather on the beach factors.If the weather is bad, there are waves suitable for weddings on the beach.If you want to hold a wedding on the beach ,you would better promising weather forecast in advance to find a good preparatory program.

beach wedding

beach wedding with bride wearing beach wedding dress

Fairy Tale Weddings
Fairytale wedding to be confused some, such as the bride or groom like a cartoon character very much , we can have every detail of the scene of cartoon characters, so the whole scene becomes unified and dignified. Highlight the cartoon characters  in the details,such as the exchange of rings . Fairytale wedding in general gives a fantastic feeling, just like being in a fairy tale as fiction.

bride with ball gown wedding gowns of Fairy tale wedding

Lawn wedding
Lawn wedding we have is very common, and green lawn with blue sky, plus the romantic scenery, new people and new friends you must be very happy in the mood. Lawn wedding ceremony may be all outdoors, it can also be a ceremony at the outdoor dining indoors two forms. Specific procedures generally in accordance with Western-style wedding process to go.

lawn wedding

lawn wedding with many bridesmiad and groomsmen