What color for bridesmaid dresses on the wedding party?

What color should be wear for bridesmaids? Selection bridesmaid dresses should be main to elegant without publicity, decent and generous . So how to choose the color that people worry.

elegant champagne long bridesmaid dresses

Sexy v neck long champagne bridesmaid dresses for beach wedding

1. Champagne and silver tone

Champagne is very suitable for Asian women’s skin color and temperament; noble silver is able to highlight the elegant wedding, hotel wedding, church wedding is best match with champagne and silver dress. With personalized wedding and wedding theme appears, gray, purple, pale pinkish purple color and other fashionable colors loved by more women.

light yellow short bridesmaid dresses2. Yellow

Bright and eye-catching yellow color is also often choose as bridesmaid dresses color, but relatively speaking, it is more dangerous color, it will be snatched the bride’s thunder accidentally. Elegant light yellow is a good choice, with chiffon or sandy fabric, so the bridesmaid dress exudes a clever and elegant beauty.

elegant strapless long chiffon bridesmaid dresses

3. Blue

Hot summer, many groom will choose the beach or outdoor wedding, in this time, bridesmaid dresses can be choose the light blue bridesmaid dresses, as pure as sea water, beautiful but yet subdued, it is also quite mathc with white dress, it will give us a harmonious beauty , presents the most pure beauty.

elegant tulle light blue bridesmaid dresses

Elegant short tulle light blue bridesmaid dresses with different neckline

4. Light blue

Light blue is a calm and elegant color, with a white dress combined, it will make the bride look more elegant and quiet, blue tone bridesmaid dress is very suitable for spring and summer weddings.

cute pink knee length bridesmaid dresses5. Pink

Each girl has a princess dream in the heart, romantic and sweet pink is very suitable for unmarried women, but it is note to that you can not choose too bright pink color, it must be a little elegant, this will give us low-key beauty, it will not make people feel too blatantly.

short strapless green bridesmaid dresses6. Green

Green is undoubtedly the best endorsement of spring, its fresh and elegant tone is also very suitable as a dress choice. The pale green has more broader use, it is also more suitable for large applications. Green is easy to have light and weight feelings, so bridesmaid dress is also choose a higher degree of exposed skin style, wide straps, strapless or high collar backless will make the green play its ultimate effect, elegant and yet sexy.